Leland is the BEST!!!!!!! You could not hire a more professional person with integrity and morals. His handshake is as good as a written contract. He stood by everything he promised. I would be happy to give him a personal reference. You can ask him for my phone number. He made my transaction stress-less and it could have been a nightmare. He handled all the necessary repairs and kept my 4 tenants happy during the escrow process. I couldn’t believe how above and beyond he went to keep everyone happy. He is AWESOME and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to sell a home or investment property.

During the sales process SCE removed a large portion of our back yard landscaping to replace a telephone pole. Leland arranged to have some temporary landscaping and sprinklers installed which greatly improved the appearance of the back yard, just in time for Open House. His presentation of our property on multiple real estate websites was first class. He’s been in Fullerton for 30+ years and knew all the details and prices of houses for sale in the area. I highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling in the area.

Purchased and sold four properties represented by Leland. He was totally professional and thorough guiding us carefully through the process. Would definitely use him again and would have no problem recommending him

Leland was a go to from the start, we met him while showing the house we eventually bought and quickly engaged him in the sale of our current home which after some quick work was on the market and sold within days. Especially remarkable considering the other options available and the length of time they had been on the market. He worked with us on both sides of the process, buying and selling, making the experience a pleasant memorable life change during a time that could be overpowered by stress. Thanks Leland for your professionalism and friendship guiding the way.

Working with Leland Wilson was truly a remarkable experience and we recommend Leland to everyone. His knowledge of the real estate market in Fullerton helped us update, remodel, stage, price and sell our home. He also helped us buy our new home. Very professional!

Leland helped me purchase my first home in 1996. 20 years later, he helped me sell it. Because of his willingness to go above and beyond, he hired landscapers and painters to get the property looking it’s best and got me top dollar. The house sold in 3 days and escrow closed in less than a month. I am so grateful to have such a skilled real estate agent whom I now also consider a lifelong friend.

I have known Leland for a very long time. I always admired his commitment to make the city we lined in bette. Within the last five years my husband and I have started to plan our retirement. We have refinanced , bought and sold property with Leland and I highly recommend him to family and friends.

Leland Wilson represented us on several real estate transactions. We depended on his expertise and were not disappointed. Whether purchase or sale he was there for us negotiating the best deal in our best interest. The only agent we would use. Have recommended him to friends and family

When my parents (in their 90’s) moved to a Retirement Community, they trusted my sister and me to find a Realtor to handle the sale of their Fullerton home. We chose Leland Wilson for his knowledge of the area and his overall real estate expertise. Leland was also very patient and understanding, taking time to explain to my parents the overall process and then assisting them, at their new residence, with the numerous forms they needed to sign – listing documents, multiple purchase offers, escrow paperwork. The entire process was handled smoothly, with no unwelcome surprises, and my parents were very happy with the outcome. Based on our positive experience, we would all highly recommend Leland Wilson.

Leland has been my realtor of choice for 7 years. In that time, I have found him to be the foremost expert on Fullerton properties. Most recently, I had very unique requirements for a two structure on one lot property that could be zoned dual commercial/residential in Fullerton. Leland talked me out of compromising on less desirable properties and lead me to the perfect fit. I am also delighted to say that I have referred Leland to many friends, and have always been thanked by my colleagues for connecting them with Leland. With that history and personal experience, I can give my highest recommendation to you in trusting Leland with your realty needs in the Fullerton / N. Orange County vicinity.

I am happy to provide a positive recommendation for Leland! His professional mannerism and friendliness is a pleasure to deal with. He helped us getting our dream house and we were extremely satisfied. We had lot of obstacles in our path but he was able to get us around those. He added a lot of value to our transaction. He is hardworking, caring person who pays great attention to details and goes that extra mile to make it happen! He provided excellent service including marketing, communication on the progress and helping us obtain the best possible price. He is an excellent broker and would be on top of my list. We would highly recommend his service to others. Truly an exemplary realtor! Thanks again Leland for helping us to reach our dream Dream Home!

Without a doubt I would do it all again. My wife and I were debating on who we should use to sell our home. We finally decided to hire Leland. It was the best decision. Not only did he give us a great and realistic consultation, he went to all lengths to help us stage our home so we could get top dollar. And that we did. Other very similar homes in our neighborhood stayed on the market for months after our sold and closed because of Leland’s guidance and expertise.

So naturally, we hired him to help us buy our next home. Not only did we find the right house for us but paid a fair price. Months after we bought the home there was a roof issue that was not caught by our inspector. Leland, on his own and without our request, went the extra mile and did some research and found settlement money that was allocated for the roof issues that were caused by thus roof material. We were able to get $7,500 in settlement money months after the purchase of our home only because of Leland’s hard work and follow through. Again, he did this on his own.

DEFINITELY Hire Leland. You will not go wrong!

Leland has served as our Realtor for two home purchases and a home sale. His knowledge of his community and the broader area of Orange County is second to none. What I can promise you from Leland is respect, patience, and a commitment to serve his clients interests in the process.

The fear of buying or selling a home only gets worse when you aren’t sure you picked the right advocate to back you. That is why Leland has continued to have our business, he is a client advocate during one of the most stressful times of your life. He knows what can make or break a deal and will provide you sound advice. He knows what you should be looking at in a home when you are buying, and what you should do to get the highest value for your home when you are selling.

I was glad to have a trusted confidant and advocate like Leland Wilson on my side for my home purchase and sale process.

Leland understands that real estate is not just about property, but about people. He takes the time to understand what you need, then goes about providing it. He is always available, will spend his weekends, nights etc. doing what it takes to get the job done, and done well. He’s a good man, a great agent and a powerful resource you can rely on as you navigate through the real estate business.